Data Structure & Algorithms with Java

Data Structure & Algorithms with Java

Data Structure & Algorithms with Java

Learn some of the Advance programming concepts such as selection-sort, merge sort, heap sort, stacks, queues, search, finding minimum and maximum, successor and predecessor, insertion and deletion. This is an excellent course for student planning to take AP Computer Science, develop software, want to become a game programmer or preparing for Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification Exam.

Level: Beginner. Age: 13+. Prereq: Introduction to Java.

Prereq: Object Oriented Programming with Java Basic, C++ or equivalent.

Learning Objectives

Following are the objective of this course:

  • Introduce to recursive functions
  • Learn various algorithm to sort data in an array
  • Learn various algorithm to search data in an array


  • Data representation and algorithms
  • Lists
  • List interface
  • ArrayList class
  • Remove(object) from ArrayList
  • Contains() in ArrayList
  • For each
  • Understanding Iteration
  • Understanding Recursion
  • Traversing a data structures
  • Insert data into a data structure
  • Deleting data from a data structure
  • Searching for data in a data structure
  • Using Sequential Search algorithm to search data
  • Using Binary Search algorithm to search data
  • Using Selection sort algorithm to sort data
  • Using Insertion sort algorithm to sort data
  • Using Mergesort algorithm to sort data


  • 1.1 List content of Array
  • 1.2 Using Array List
  • 1.3 Using Stack
  • 1.4 Using Queue
  • 2.1 Recursive
  • 2.2 Recursive with loop
  • 2.3 Using Recursive
  • 2.4 Factorial
  • 3.1 Sorting Array using Arrays.sort()
  • 3.2 Sorting the list of items in an Array
  • 3.3 Sorting Data Using insertionSort
  • 3.4 Sorting Data Using SelectionSort
  • 3.5 Sorting Data Using MergeSort
  • 3.6 Sorting Data Using QuickSort
  • 4.1 Searching through an Array of String
  • 4.2 Searching through an Array of Numbers
  • 4.3 Binary Search


  • The course assumes that the learner is familiar with Internet and Windows. The student should have the basic knowledge of Java Programming language and Object Oriented Programming Concepts.
  • This course depends on the student’s commitment to work in class and, if necessary, to work independently at his/her own time on project assigned to them that will require access to the computer.

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