Develop Games using GameMaker for Beginner

Develop Games using GameMaker for Beginner

  2D Game Development with GameMaker for kids

Create 2D game yourself with GameMaker software. Learn to use sprites, background images, sounds and music, objects, events, actions and rooms to develop a game.  The course is designed for students wanting to learn the basic element of creating a 2D game using YOYO’s GameMaker studio. The students will learn to create games that include sprites, backgrounds image, sounds and music, objects, events, actions and rooms. This is an excellent introductory course to programming if you are planning to become a game programmer – one of the hottest career fields today.

Level: Beginner.
Age: 10+.


Knowledge of basic Windows Operating System functionality.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Create 2D games using Game Maker
  • Fundamental knowledge of good game design and production
  • Familiar with designing, implementing, testing and finishing a game project
  • Start and Exit GameMaker Studio
  • Create and Save GameMaker Studio Files
  • Load Sprites, Sounds, and Background into your Project
  • Create a Room for all the loaded sprites, sounds, and backgrounds
  • Run and debug a basic 2D game

Target Student

This course is designed for a student who wants to learn the following:

  • To design and develop 2D game using GameMaker
  • To become familiar with game programming
  • To understand the process of designing, implementing, testing and delivering a product such as game.


  • Understanding Resources
  • Sprite
  • Backgrounds
  • Sounds and music
  • Fonts
  • Paths
  • Adding, Creating & modifying Sprite
  • Adding, Creating & modifying background
  • Adding Sound effect & music
  • Adding Message boxes
  • Managing the score
  • Creating levels using rooms
  • Creating Objects
  • Assigning Event and Behavior
  • Using objects with behavior
  • Multiple instances of objects
  • Inheritance of behavior
  • Creation and Destruction
  • Alarm
  • Collisions
  • Mouse Event
  • Keyboard Event
  • Action Types
  • Motion
  • Creating, destroying, and changing objects
  • Control
  • Score, Life & Health
  • Adding Animation
  • Collision detection
  • Scrolling background
  • Creating Executable


  • The course assumes that the learner is familiar with basic computer skills.
  • This course depends on the student’s commitment to work in class and, if necessary, to work independently at his/her own time on project assigned to them that will require access to a computer.
  • The student has a basic knowledge of computer use, such as the ability to create and save files in a folder.
  • The student has access to GameMaker Studio software (free download) for practice.


The online course includes following Modules:

1. Introduction to Game Development
2 GameMaker Software Overview
3. Creating a Game
4. Game 1: Simple Game – Bouncing Ball
5. Game 2: Catch the ball
6. Game 3: Game with Life & Score
7. Game 4: Explorer Game
8. Game 5: Creating a Maze Game

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